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G4-17, G4-18, G4-22, G4-23

Linde Material Handling gives an account of its corporate responsibility in the first Sustainability Report. The report describes the impact of the Company’s activities on the environment and society, documents key performance indicators, as well as targets and measures which the Company uses to manage its activities.

The content of the report relates to Linde Material Handling GmbH and its consolidated units. 175 production and sales locations in 13 countries worldwide are included in determination of sustainability indicators. The data covers a total of 12,144 employees and therefore 87% of the entire Linde segment. The long-term objective is to extend the reporting boundaries to all consolidated units. All indicators relating to the entire segment are indicated (*).

The reporting period is the business year 2014 (1 January to 31 December). Important developments that occurred during the course of 2015 are included in reporting. The report was prepared in accordance with the currently valid G4 Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Before the report was written, Linde Material Handling carried out a materiality analysis. The prioritised sustainability issues highlighted by the analysis determine the content of this report.

The editorial deadline was 31 October 2015. A follow-up report is currently planned for 2017. The Sustainability Report is available in German and English. The German version can also be accessed on the Internet at, the English report at The values presented in the report are rounded on a case-by-case basis to improve readability.