Basic and advanced training

Training in the network

The training network of Linde Material Handling and Linde Hydraulics in Germany has been the biggest training enterprise in the Bavarian Untermain region for more than 75 years. In the past 25 years, more than 1,500 apprentices have completed their vocational training at the training centre in Nilkheim. The training centre uses targeted campaigns like the annual Training Day, the Career Path Compass and the Girls’ Day to promote the options available to engage in vocational training for a particular occupation at Linde Material Handling.

There is a choice of twelve different industrial and commercial occupations, for example manufacturing, industrial and design technician, mechatronics technician, technical model-maker or industrial clerk. In 2014, Linde Material Handling trained 350 young people. The training rate is there retained at a constant level. The apprentices are supported by experienced and qualified trainers – initially in the training workshop and subsequently at different stations in the relevant specialist departments. However, part of the apprenticeship also relates to communicating the core competences which define the corporate culture at Linde: independence, development of ideas and critical thinking, as well as respect and acceptance in dealings with each other.

Alongside apprenticeship pay, the apprenticeship alliance offers comprehensive social benefits, such as travel cost allowances or lunch at half price. All apprentices are also offered one month’s practical training abroad at a production or sales location. After the apprenticeship has been concluded, many different opportunities are presented for employment going forward at Linde.

Website: (screenshot)

The Company is addressing potential employees of tomorrow with the website – apprentices, degree students and interns. The profiles of the individual apprenticeship occupations and dual courses of study combining a degree with in-service training will give you an insight into the multifarious opportunities for getting started in the world of work at Linde Material Handling.

Promoting the development of employees

Linde Material Handling offers a broadly based advanced training programme in order to promote the development of employees over all hierarchical levels. Alongside specialist training, this includes methodological training, for example relating to the issues of dealing with conflicts, self-management and project management, and moderation techniques. An e-learning tool is used for training sessions in office communication and for language courses. Managers and their trainees can also make use of special packages and coaching sessions. In 2014, 2,877 Linde employees from four German plants each spent an average of 14.5 hours on central advanced training and special HSE training courses (excl. workplace related safety instruction courses). Out of this, 2.3 hours per person were spent on specialist safety training.

Linde Mobility

Linde Material Handling is a global provider with intercultural competence. The Company strategically promotes international cooperation between employees with the Linde Mobility programme. The focus is on the occupational mobility of employees across national and cultural borders. This enables them to gain practical, personal knowledge of different cultures as well as gathering experience about workflows in other countries.

Temporary appointments of experienced employees to management or specialist functions extending beyond this knowledge exchange are part of the programme – until a local successor can be found and receive induction. Linde Mobility has a range of different types of deployment, for example secondments of at least one year to a foreign Linde company, business trips of up to three months, extended business trips up to a maximum of six months, and transfers, which involve a permanent change in location. International virtual teams, which are brought together with the assistance of modern communication media and work together on joint projects, are part of this programme.

Workers in China during training (photo)

Dual training in China – for the past 20 years

In 1995, Linde Forklift Truck Corp. Ltd. already opened a training and education centre in the Chinese city of Xiamen. Young people take a dual training there combining a degree with in-service training based on the German model. Additional focuses of basic and advanced training there include courses leading to skilled workers and regular theoretical and practical training for employees.