Sustainability Policy

We want to have a leading position in our sector while acting responsibly

Many global challenges influence the environment, society and our company. We acknowledge our responsibility resulting from these challenges. This involves developing solutions to those challenges and thereby contributing to sustainable development. This orientation is crucial to ensuring our customers’ future business success and our own future viability. We want to create long-term value by integrating environmental and societal issues into the business units of Linde Material Handling. Our employees are an important success factor for sustainability. They actively contribute to our company achieving a leading position for responsible action within our industry through innovation and ideas for optimising our organisation and our solutions. Conducting our business in a responsible way is part of our self-perception and ensures that we include our stakeholders’ expectations and provide the products that fit the best our customers’ requirements.

Our approach involves …

  • performing a comprehensive assessment of our sustainability impacts,
  • applying international best practice for sustainability in material handling,
  • striving for perfection and continuous improvement of our sustainability performance,
  • demanding responsibility from all employees of LMH especially top management and employees in managerial positions and ensuring they take responsibility for implementing this policy,
  • fostering dialogue with our stakeholders, especially customers and employees.

Our way of doing business in a sustainable way means …

  • acting with high standards of business ethics and integrity and complying with the UN Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC),
  • respecting and protecting international human rights and complying with the UN human rights declaration and fundamental ILO conventions,
  • integrating sustainability criteria into decision-making and performance management,
  • having a positive social and economic impact in the communities everywhere we do business,
  • having a fair, equal and non-discriminatory relationship with our employees, providing a safe and decent workplace and helping them realise their full potential,
  • improving our environmental impact by striving for sustainable solutions and improving efficiency,
  • expecting our business partners to act responsibly and continuously improve their sustainable performance.

Our products …

  • are sustainable and are setting benchmarks for performance, user-friendliness, robustness and versatility,
  • provide best solutions for ergonomic design and safety,
  • are exemplary for efficiency and longevity,
  • are continuously improved to enhance their environmental, ergonomic and safety characteristics,
  • support the development of economies and markets.