Sustainability in our products

Active for more sustainability

Linde Material Handling actively promotes more sustainability in the sector and with customers through a series of initiatives. The Company has been cooperating with the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP) to develop a methodology for assessing the environmental impact of its forklift trucks and warehouse trucks throughout the product lifecycle. In addition, lifecycle assessments for the Company’s seven main product groups were prepared (see section “Life-cycle assessments” for more information).

The safety-relevant innovations from Linde Material Handling include the Linde Safety Pilot launched in 2014. The intelligent driver assistance system helps forklift truck drivers to avoid operating and driving errors and thereby minimises the risk of accidents.

Linde BlueSpot is an innovative optical warning system for industrial trucks. It ensures more safety, particularly in aisles and at confusing intersections in a warehouse (more on safety and environmental features of products in the section “Products and Solutions”).