Innovative technology and environmental

Key products

Linde supplies a wide range of industrial trucks for deployment in the internal logistics of companies in industrial and commercial businesses. The spectrum ranges from pallet trucks through forklift trucks to reach trucks and large order pickers as well as automation solutions.

The hydrostatic drive defines the profile of Linde trucks in the marketplace. It is the epitome of smooth driving, precise positioning to the millimetre, and minimal wear and tear. By contrast with mechanical drives, this system delivers power with virtually no loss by means of a closed, maintenance-free oil circuit. The oil pressure applies the power uniformly from the hydraulic pump to the two hydraulic motors of the drive wheels. This innovative form of power transfer gives Linde vehicles their unique sensitivity and efficiency. Linde rose to assume market leadership in Europe with this invention, which was first manufactured on an industrial scale in 1960. The engineers in the Company have succeeded in transferring these outstanding features to the electric trucks launched in 1970 as well as to the warehouse trucks.

Safe and environmentally friendly

Innovations at Linde Material Handling have always been directed towards safety and environmental friendliness and not simply geared to productivity and efficiency. The vehicles help customers to save energy, reduce emissions and comply with high safety standards. Substantial synergies are used through organisation of research and development across brands within the KION Group. A sector comparison reveals that development costs are in themselves very high, and additionally result in unique products and solutions.

In the technologically advanced markets with very exacting standards for vehicles, the reduction of the customers’ overall costs – for procurement, maintenance, repair and energy consumption – is a top priority without compromising a high level of productivity. Linde primarily develops and produces bespoke products for specific markets based on cost-efficient platforms in the emerging economies of Asia and South America. In general, the vehicle configuration and equipment are tailored to the technical requirements of the customers there.

Expansion of electric forklift trucks

Tighter emission standards for vehicles powered by internal combustion engines and the sustained trend towards electric drive technology have pushed up demand for electric forklift trucks and consequently also for the development of electric trucks with larger load capacities (up to 8 tons). Together with these large electric trucks, Linde launched new electric forklift trucks with load capacities of 1.2 to 2 tons in 2014. They have 17% lower energy consumption by comparison with the previous models. One current focus of R&D activities in the Company is on the introduction of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles, which are superior to rechargeable lead-acid batteries in many respects. The first models were introduced in October 2014. Pilot projects for the market launch of forklift trucks and warehouse trucks powered by fuel cells are currently being carried out.

Logistra Reader Survey award ceremony (photo)

1st place in “Logistra Reader Survey”

In July 2014, Linde won a readers’ vote in the trade journal “Logistra”. The innovative fuel-cell powered trucks of Linde Material Handling were designated “best innovation” in the “industrial truck” category.

Award for Linde Safety Pilot

As already in the previous year, Linde UK was granted the FLTA Award by the British Forklift Truck Association (FLTA) in the category of safety. FLTA Managing Director Peter Harvey said “Linde plays an important role when it comes to reducing the risk of accident and injury to drivers and those people who work together with them.”

Pre-owned and hire vehicles

Apart from new vehicles, Linde also offers its customers a large selection of used industrial trucks through its sales partners. The vehicles supplied under the label “Approved Trucks” are refurbished in conformity with global standards and present an attractive and cost-effective alternative for less intense applications or occasional use. Even large fleet operators make use of this savings potential and do not exclusively order new vehicles. Used trucks are generally former fleet vehicles which have been maintained right from the start in conformity with the manufacturer’s recommendations under a leasing or full-service contract.

Linde and its dealers maintain one of the largest rental fleets in the market. Rental trucks – from compact small trucks to heavy trucks – offer opportunities to increase productivity of operational workflows in logistics quickly and flexibly when order peaks occur. The service packages include delivery, return, driver training and machinery failure insurance.

Fleet management and automation

IT-based fleet management and automation enable Linde to help customers enhance their profitability and structure by deploying vehicles more efficiently and therefore more sustainably. Modern fleet management with Linde Connected Solutions allows customers operating several Linde vehicles to record the usage data of their vehicles, transmit the data by wireless and evaluate it using software.

This means that they are continuously informed about the status of their logistics in production or in warehouse buildings, the deployment of the fleet becomes safer and more profitable, and the availability of the vehicles increases.

Depending on customers’ needs, Linde Material Handling achieves automated material handling on the basis of different management and navigation technologies. The “Linde robotics – driven by Balyo” product range launched in 2014 uses laser-based geonavigation for driverless transport. This allows customers to make use of the most economical solution for automated systems currently available without having to install a technical infrastructure. Linde Material Handling GmbH holds a 10 % stake in Balyo SA.

UKWA Technical Innovation Award

In July 2015, Linde Material Handling received an award from the Warehousing Association in the United Kingdom. The core idea was for “Dynamic Mast Control” to balance out the swaying of the mast by slight countermovements. This enables the driver to work safely and more efficiently at higher levels. Stacking pallets can also be carried out faster and damage to goods is also reduced.

VerkehrsRundschau Image Ranking 2015 (logo)

“VerkehrsRundschau” Image Award 2015

In February 2015, Linde once again earned the Image Award from trade magazine “VerkehrsRundschau”. A market research company surveyed 196 managers from logistics service providers, industry and commerce, and asked them about the image and public awareness profile of the most important providers of forklift trucks and warehouse trucks.